I Wanna Be a Pirate

128 kbps
44 kHz

Words/Music & Actor: Ed Waters
Singer: Nick Nicholson

They're stealin' down on Wall Street and in Washington, too.
You know, it makes me wonder, what's a guy on Main Street to do.
Always tried to be an honest, upstandin' kinda guy,
But I must admit lately, I thought about givin' somethin' else a try.

Oh, I wanna be a pirate, I wanna sail the seven seas.
Yeah, I wanna be a pirate, I wanna do, just what I please.
When I need some monney, I know, just what I'll do:
I'll take it from those same slick boys, who stole it from me and you.
And then I'll make 'em walk the plank.

I lost my fact'ry job after fifteen years a-workin' for the man.
He said, someone in China can do it better, than I can.
So I got more education; thought, I'd have some security,
But now I've been laid off, another victim of this bad economy.

Oh, I wanna be a pirate...


So all the bankers, brokers an' politicians, oh, they're all like nothin's wrong.
The rest of us down here are tryin' our best just to carry on.
An' our homes, they're worth less today, than they've ever been.
Forget about retirement: we'll all be workin', till we're ol' men.

In the end I just can't do it, can't live out my fantasy.
So now I'm flippin' burgers; my boss, he's just eighteen
And still I'd rather be a pirate, oh, I wish, I were a pirate.
Guess, I'm just too damn scared to be a pirate.

Hey! You want some fries with that?