NYS Multiple Dwelling Law

Chapter 713 of the Laws of 1929, as amended

Article 1: Introductory Provisions, Definitions
Article 2: Miscellaneous Application Provisions
Article 3: Multiple Dwellings - General Provisions
Article 4: Fireproof Multiple Dwellings
Article 5: Non-Fireproof Multiple Dwellings
Article 5-A: Garden-Type Maisonette Dwelling Projects
Article 6: Converted Dwellings
Article 7: Tenements
Article 7-A: Temporary Provisions
Article 7-B: Joint Living-Work Quarters for Artists or General Residential Occupancy of Loft, Commercial or Manufacturing Buildings
Article 7-C: Legalization of Interim Multiple Dwellings (Terminates 96/06/30)
Article 8: Requirements and Remedies
Article 9: Registry of Names and Service of Papers
Article 10: Prostitution
Article 11: Laws Repealed, Saving Clauses, Effect