X-Ray Diagnosis: A Physician's Approach (K.N. Sin Fai Lam, etc.)

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While most books on x-ray interpretation are written by radiologists, this one is different in that it's written by physicians, thus giving it a marked clinical slant. The book is targeted both at undergraduate and postgraduate students in internal medicine, hence the x-rays presented have been carefully chosen to represent a range of radiological investigations besides plain x-ray films, including angiograms, venograms, urograms and computerized tomographic scans. The goal of the questions is to enable students to systematically question and determine several points upon examination of abnormalities in an x-ray: that is, to enquire about points in the history, to look for presence or absence of physical signs, to consider possibilities and to do the further tests to reach a diagnosis. The book serves to emphasize that every x-ray has to be interpreted in the background of clinical data.