Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table
(Maria Lemnis & Henryk Vitry)

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Not many people realize how fine and sophisticated traditional Polish cooking is. This book dispels many myths. For example, it is NOT the kielbasa, cabbage rolls and pierogi what is the best and most celebrated food in Poland. This is more, than just any cookbook: it's not a rehash of standard Polish recipes, rather a wonderful history book describing periods in Polish history, then giving you the recipes for the dishes prominent at that time. As a result, you don't get the average list of recipes, but rather a unique package of traditional food and culinary facts going way back. The authors are very well-known Polish food columnists (as popular as Julia Child is in the U.S.). Definitely the best book on Polish cuisine in English. It has only about 50 recipes, but it's the quality of the recipes that counts.