Moby Dick (Herman Melville)

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It is the textual weft of hand composition that forms the chief glory of this epic tale. This classic is a story of adventures in the sea, of the obsession of a man, of fate and its inevitability, of the blind race called life and of the undesirability of getting what we lust after. The plot is the simplest: narrator Ishmael tells us about the mad Captain Ahab whose only thought is to kill the white whale Moby Dick who has cost him his leg on a previous whaling expedition. We feel the highs and lows of joy, disappointment and fatigue of the men on the whaleboats. This metaphorical masterpiece is an adventure as well as a gruesome, brutal murder of the whales, but Melville does a lot to humanize them. They become more, than just beasts of the sea which will bring wages to the crew. Their strong fighting spirit is admirable.