Kama Sutra (Unabridged/Complete)

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Earlier "lesbian" was translated as "corrupt woman" and "dildo" just as "medicine". No wonder we couldn't follow any of the instructions! But now there's a new translation of the oldest sex manual, the first since the Victorians brought it home and hid it under the mattress. Alain Daniélou's complete translation of the Kama Sutra is one of his masterpieces. It's all enchantment, a world of refined sensations totally without humbug. Our debt to his scholarship is immeasurable. It gives a unique perspective at the life of ancient India (about 100-500 A.D.). Apart from the sexual poses, it is a history book which also lists the 64 ancient arts of India hard to find elsewhere. Also the lives of the courtesans are an interesting lecture. He is straightforward even when things are too un-Victorian to translate.