How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Dr. Seuss)

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This is the original story, in a 64-page classy slipcase cover for the Seuss lover or favorite child on someone's Christmas list. Of course, as the story tells us, material things aren't as important as the intentions behind them. It's hard when a book you've been reading faithfully every year is made into a movie and you see who Hollywood gives the lead part to, but if you want the real Grinch, this is it! The face of the scowling, mean-spirited Grinch changes from bad to worse and then to tender when he finally gets the meaning of Christmas. But before he does, the Grinch disguises himself as Santa for the innocent people of Whoville. He forces his poor dog Max to help him steal all the toys, ornaments and the Christmas tree. He's so sure that once he's done away with the material goodies, the Christmas spirit will be gone, but in the end he's unexpectedly touched by little Cindy Lou Who, who stands up for him and invites him for the celebration. This is the turning point when his heart "two sizes too small" suddenly grows immensely. A wonderful story with a message we can't hear enough.

HTML 4 For The World Wide Web (Elizabeth Castro)

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Whatever you do as a web author, knowing your way around HTML comes in handy. The book covers the latest specifications of HTML 4 set by the WWW Consortium. Topics covered: HTML code including text formatting, images, links, colors, tables, frames, forms, embedded multimedia clips, finer points like drop caps, publishing pages and registering with search engines. New to this 4th edition, the book provides a chapter on debugging, browser compatibility issues, cascading style sheets, JavaScript and CGI scripts for use with forms. A tutorial for novices and a reference for experienced users, featuring clear & concise step-by-step instruction and a visual approach with screen shots & examples showing both the source code and the resulting effect on the web page.