First They Killed My Father (Loung Ung-Bun)

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A rare, chilling eyewitness account of the bloody aftermath of the Khmer Rouge's merciless victory in April 1975, as seen through the eyes of a child. She, whose activities won her the Nobel Peace Prize, was in 1970 the five-year-old daughter of a Cambodian government official when her family of seven children first learned of the Khmer Rouge's approach to their hometown of Phnom Penh. They fled trying to hide their identity as educated urban people who would be regarded by their agrarian enemies as exploiters. They were captured, robbed, beaten, half-starved and sent to forced-labor camps. Her parents were killed, her sisters died of malnutrition and disease, and her brothers and her were recruited to serve the Khmer Rouge. Vietnamese forces invaded Cambodia and Pol Pot's forces were destroyed, but not before millions of Cambodians perished. Her family was rescued and came to the U.S. Hopefully by reading this book our society becomes more compassionate towards others. Will affect even readers who can't find her homeland on a map.

Five Year Vest (Mike DeMarino) - Why I Quit the NYC Police Department

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Forgive the sometimes bad English and focus on what he's telling us: his experience of the worst 5 years of his life in the NYPD! A must read for anyone, who would otherwise blindly fall for the NYPD's sales pitch on the subway posters in New York City (to become one of New York's Finest). It should make you think twice, before you apply. This book is like a try, before you buy offer, so you don't have to be sorry later for your bad decision in life. It saves you a lot of trouble. But of course, if your head is filled with tales about heroism or you're desperate for any job, then you might fall for it. Five Year Vest is a warning for those people about to make a big mistake, so now that you stumbled on this page, read it! And if, after reading it, you still want to join the NYPD, go for it, no one can help you! You will be responsible for your own fate.